Do any of these sound familiar – maybe you’re a combination of more than one?

– You’re currently training but are frustrated and disappointed by your results – you know you can do better with some help!

– You used to be in good shape but work or family have taken over, and now it’s hard to get motivated to exercise and eat well – you don’t want to accept being out of shape is normal!

– You feel overweight, unhealthy and unfit, and are ready for a lifestyle change – you feel you need a kick start!

– Your health, fitness and weight are OK but you want to push your training, strength and fitness up a level – you’re looking to maximise your performance and push your limits!

These are all common issues faced by guys and there is no need to feel guilty about needing some help – everyone needs some support.

So whether your goal is to start exercising, improve your health, train for an event, get stronger, lose some weight, make some like-minded friends, look good in your clothes, maximise your performance or anything else, we’re here to help.

Our testing and training programme is designed to accommodate guys of vastly different physical abilities so that you’re always working at the right level for you and can progress at your own pace.

We also provide you with structured education on nutrition, recovery, stress management, sleep and lifestyle and 24/7 online support and coaching – everything needed to get and stay in shape.

  • “Joining Man Alive brought me into a family of like minded guys wanting to be better and stronger than they were who push you further than you thought you could go!”
    Rodney McNamee - MA Radlett
  • "Man Alive has the right tools, teaching and team work to smash your fitness goals, take your chance and apply!"
    Patrick Michael Cabey - MA Radlett
  • "One of the best things I've ever done. In just six weeks, the team has transformed my attitude and my fitness, and it's great fun to boot. Absolute winner. Get involved!"
    Marcus Flowerdew-Clarke - MA St Albans
  • "I had accepted that becoming overweight and getting out of breath was part of getting older. Man Alive has made me realise I was wrong. I believe in myself again."
    John Small - MA Radlett



Do you keep your t-shirt on in the summer?

Are you conscious about how your clothes fit or how you look in photos?

Then it’s time to take action and start doing something about it.

Weight, or more precisely fat loss is a largely misunderstood science due to the prevalence of poor information. To reduce body fat then its necessary to burn more energy than you consume, but this isn’t always as simple as it sounds – unless you have the right plan.

If you don’t like the look of yourself in photos or in the mirror then check out David’s weight loss video story.

He didn’t either but through education on diet and a properly designed training programme he’s now well on his way to his goals.



If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, how successful you are at work or how loving your family is.

Bad health puts all of these into 2nd place. But you don’t need to have catastrophically bad health to affect the quality of your life.

Feeling slow, sluggish and generally unwell is pretty normal for many guys – affecting work performance and family time. If you’re concerned about your current or future health then check out Chris’s video story.

He’s undoing the last 20 years of bad lifestyle choices and seeing improvements in his personal, family and business life as a result.



If you struggle to get motivated you’re not alone! It’s the number 1 struggle we hear about from guys.

If you can’t get motivated to start then you’ll never see results it’s as simple as that. Developing the correct mind-set for success requires concentrated effort and the correct environment.

We truly believe that where the mind goes, the body follows. A huge part of the programme is helping guys change their mind-set towards training and nutrition – until the new behaviours become automatic.

If you struggle to get motivated check out Eddies video story. He certainly did and through effort and being in the right environment is now competing in adventure races on a regular basis.