Sanjiv – 5kg lost in 8 weeks, worth every penny!

“Joined man alive as I had a huge beer belly and felt very unhealthy, diet was bad and having previously lost a lot o weight I gave up all the good work and let myself go again.

I saw adverts for man alive and thought this looks like a great way to get back into shape, the gym was not doing it for me and I was not pushing myself at all. Called Cam, had a brief chat and signed up for a month to try, best decision I made as I have stayed on after seeing some really good results.

I lost 5kg within 8 weeks, took 10cm off my hips and 5cm off my stomach. Would not have achieved this on my own in a boring gym.

Have since cancelled my gym membership and see myself attending man alive for a very long time.
The crew are fantastic, always motivate and there help and advice is priceless, not something you get from a book or gym instructor. The nutritional planner and advice is really helpful and goes a long way to help achieving your targets.

The monthly man tests are great for tracking progress and I have seen great progress each time.
Definitely worth every penny, I’ve met some great guys and the banter is great, and you can see everyone benefitting from these great workouts. Every session is different and every workout has different benefits working every part of your body.

Definitely worth every penny and worth the pain.  Anyone thinking of joining should not think, just go ahead and do it, you won’t regret it.”

Sanjiv Shah – Stanmore Member

ManAlive weight loss for men 30+