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Robin – The results are staggering!

“My journey started a year before joining ManAlive. I was nearing a milestone birthday and decided I had to be healthy in my 60’s I needed to lose weight. I’ve always been fit, but my misguided impression was that exercise alone was enough, it wasn’t and I carried too much weight, especially around the middle.

I knew this but never really tackled it. I’m 174cm and weighed 95.3kg. I was bordering obesity, I was like it or not overweight by any measurement. If I said this to friends and family they would respond with “your fine, you look good.” I knew I wasn’t. At the time I was living in New York and a year earlier had been prescribed blood pressure tablets and Statins. This should have been the wake up call. Unfortunately that came a year later when I fainted while on holiday.

On arriving back I vowed to lose at least 10.0kg before my birthday. I had six months. I had attended a boot camp in New York for almost 10 years so I was pretty fit, but I needed to change my lifestyle, especially what food and drink I consumed. Living in New York isn’t conducive to a healthy diet. I lost 10.5kg by my target date. Now I looked a lot better and people noticed. I cannot lie, I liked the new me.

I though this was it, I’d reached my target. I didn’t realise at the time how much more I could comfortably lose and how much fitter I could become.

6 months later I had moved back to the UK and my neighbour introduced me to ManAlive. I’ve been going 3 times a week for the past 9 months. (I’ve missed a few sessions due to holidays and work commitments, but not many) The results are staggering. I’ve shed a further 8.6kg for a total of 19.1kg or 3 stone! I know I’m fitter because we are measured every month and my measurements and physical test scores have massively improved. I’m also healthier. I had a full medical in May 2016 and my scores for all tests were normal. No more blood pressure tablets or Statins required.

I took myself to one level, but ManAlive, the trainers, nutritionists and my fellow team mates have helped me achieve much higher goals, a healthier lifestyle and increased fitness levels, plus I’ve made some great new friends along the way.”

Robin Kent – St Albans Location

UPDATE: Reflections on my first 100 sessions

I joined in October and achieved red on my first man test. The weather throughout was perfect. Black band came in November. After 10 months I’ve achieved my teenage weight, ? my body shape has changed, I’ve achieved many personal bests and I feel really fit ??. I love the sessions, the banter and you guys have been really great. ?‍❤️‍? The winter mud was messy ??? and ?☔️?❄️ bloody freezing and dark all the time ?. My hands suffered the most even with two pairs of gloves. Sometimes after lifting the sandbags my fingers were burning and really hurt. But apart from the week off with a chest cold I loved almost every minute. Then came a wet spring ? and a hard pitch. Suddenly I wished the mud would come back! It’s summer and I’m still wearing leggings not because I’m cold, but to fight of the midges. ????. A big thanks to the coaches Matt, Chris, Liam and Craig. To all the AM and PM guys thanks for your support, banter and friendship. Roll on the next ?


Robin - The results are staggering! Robin - The results are staggering!