Rob – Down from near 15st to 12.5st – I don’t think this weight loss tells the full story

So I joined the 100 club today..

Time to reflect and to set new targets

For me the goal was two fold

1) Get my life back – I recognised that the deterioration of my physical health was impacting lots of areas of my life most of all my mental well-being. My confidence was down, on occasions I’d dread meeting up with friends (especially those I haven’t seen in a while) because I felt embarrassed, at work I’d be concerned about meeting new clients – I’d always been a sporty social guy and now I was a podgy office worker with low self-esteem.

2) create a positive body image for my boys – my second son was due in a October 2018, I want the absolute best for both of my boys but how could I ask them to be healthy if I wasn’t – it’s hypocritical right! In fact ManAlive was recommended to me by my physio after I threw my back out pulling my son along on his scooter. I need to be fit and healthy for them as much as for me.

– Down from near 15stone to 12 1/2stone – I don’t think this weight loss tells the full story as have put muscle back on during this
– XL tops to M, 34/36” waist to 30” (new wardrobe)
– Ran 22 miles over a mountain
– 28k nuts OCR challenge
– Half marathons
– Black band

– Not focusing on weight loss per se – but am transitioning to a vegan diet to support training goals and shed remaining fat it’s all about remaining healthy and stacking on a bit more muscle. I’ve got lazy on diet as know I have training in the bank – need to change that mindset.
– Spartan race in Nov (upper body focus for those rope climbs and monkey bars)
– Gold Band by April
– Sub 4min 1k by April
– Half Iron Man in 2020
– Full Iron Man 2021

Thanks to Craig O’Toole Ben Peters and all the other coaches and of course the tribe for making training fun and focused no matter the weather.