Rick – I was wary that this might be a gym-freak clique. It’s anything but that.

“I prefer a planned time in the week to exercise, but I’m a bit lazy and although in green BMI, I felt sluggish and a bit podgy. Then a medical questionnaire asked how many times a week did I ‘exercise vigorously’. I couldn’t even remember when I had last done that, so I was prompted to try the ManAlive programme.

If you’re wondering if this is hard, it is. That said, the hardest bit was getting around to that sign-up and commitment. We often claim to be ‘time poor’, but you can just absorb those three hours per week which are probably wasted on the sofa.

I was wary that this might be a gym-freak clique. It’s anything but that. Guys like me are there for the same reasons and being on the outside looking in lasted about 3 minutes. This is the best part of MA – taking on this journey with a community which pulls you through (literally, on some sessions). You don’t need to worry about varying your routine as the coaches figure that out, help with your technique and advise on nutrition.

The first two weeks were a struggle as I adjusted to bouts of concentrated exercise, but I soon noticed a transformation, as did others. Monthly statistics are published on a private dashboard and my diet adapted largely on its own. I’ve been a member for a year, feel better about my shape and I’m still progressing. Just last weekend, I completed a timed strength challenge. Previously, I had neither the will nor stamina to take on such events and now I’m proud to and surprise myself with the results. MA is working for me and you should test it out yourself.”