Nick – Putting on socks, wiping my backside etc… was an effort

Today was my last session of my 12 week “Gut Buster” course. I shall be continuing……

I am a vain so and so and was super hacked off with the way I looked and felt having done no exercise, bar an annual bike ride, occasional game of tennis and the odd round of golf, for the last 8 years or so. Putting on socks, wiping my backside etc… was an effort. But, could I find anything to keep me motivated to exercise? Could I bollox…..until I found Man Alive.

I weighed in at 106.4 kg on Monday Sept 3rd. I am less than 6 ft tall. Check out a couple of pics from the week before I started the course (one might not be me!). I’ve kept at it. I took a month off for a dodgy back (entirely my own fault because I ignored advise on “form”) and have now completed my 12 weeks. This morning, I weighed in at 95.3kg (a loss of 11.1kg or 1.75 stone) and I’ve lost 13 cm around my waist. I can see something I haven’t seen in a long while! ?

I can honestly say Man Alive has motivated me to improve myself both physically and mentally in spades. I can do things I never though would be possible. It’s not been easy though. Fitness is tough. If it wasn’t, we’d all be Olympians. Where MA comes in though is that you are surrounded by like minded fellas who get on with the job and at the same time offer huge encouragement and support, no matter your shape and however unfit or fit we may be. It has the feeling of team sport training sessions, with great camaraderie – a feeling I’ve missed more than I ever thought since I stopped playing rugby 24 years ago. It allows you to set your own goals and everyone seems willing to help you move towards those targets, whatever they may be.

In addition to the blokes who I train alongside, what also makes MA so very special is the support, guidance, encouragement and excellence of Cam OConnor and George Selwood, our regular coaches. 2 top drawer guys who have made a real difference to my well being.

Thanks to everyone who has attended the morning MAWA sessions over the last few months. Even though I may not have had a chat with you, just being there and getting your head down has helped push me. It’s not easy getting to know people very well at 6 am when its pissing it down and all you can hear are a lot of grunts, moans, panting with the odd fart and school girl giggling thrown in, but I am looking forward to continue developing friendships next year.

If you struggle to drag yourself out for a run or to go down to the gym, you could do a lot worse than check out Man Alive.

Right, enough of me, I’m off to buy a new F’ing wardrobe as none of my clothes fit me anymore!

Have a great Christmas everyone and be strong in 2019.


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