Neil – 4 stone down and don’t worry about taking top off anymore

“I joined ManAlive because I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt. Clothes didn’t fit and the new clothes I was buying were just getting bigger and bigger. I’ve got a young family and I want to be around for as long as possible for them and the way I was going I was certainly making that more difficult to achieve.

Before ManAlive I really struggled with motivation to exercise. I had exercised in the past and lost weight but never managed to maintain it. Going to gym held no real interest for me and trying to exercise at home using things off the Internet wasn’t working. I was in such bad shape it was really hard and I couldn’t push myself to do it. Far easier to give up and say I’ll have another go tomorrow.

My main concern about joining was what was it going to be like. Would the people be friendly or would it be like the atmosphere at most gyms where I always felt kind of out of place surrounded by the stereotypical blokes lifting free weights in their little groups. Would I be able to do the exercises or would it be out of my league?

I would probably be heavier, unhealthy and more miserable than I was before. Looking in the mirror would be a disappointment and I would have concerns over my overall health.

Results I have since joining I’ve lost nearly 4 stone and gone from a 38 inch waist down to a 34/32 which I haven’t been since I can remember. I’m much happier with how I look and feel about my body and I don’t need to worry about taking my top off in the summer (still no six pack!) but I’ve a lot confidence in my body and looks now which runs through all aspects of my life. My relationship with food is now better and my diet has clearly improved but there is always room for improvement.

Goals for the future are to continue to get fitter and stay healthy. Maintain a sensible balanced diet and look after myself better. I’ve invested time and money into getting where I am now and it’s the best investiment I’ve ever made.

My advice to anybody in the same situation I was in would be to join up and give it a go. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness levels or weight or goals or concerns are, you couldn’t find a better bunch of coach’s and similarly minded guys to help you become a better version of yourself. If you lack the motivation to get out there and do things on your own like I did then having a tribe working out with you, encouraging you every step of the way and the feeling that you’d not only be letting yourself down but them down too if you decide to not go training sign up on the dotted line. It will be the best decision you’ll make.”

Neil Connell – Radlett Location 

4 stone down and dont worry about taking top off 4 stone down and dont worry about taking top off