Marcus – Over 1yr With Good Blood Pressure & No Pills!

“A few years ago my heaviest was 20st, I calorie counted and got down to 16, but I was not able to maintain and as soon as I started to eat again it went straight back on. I went to the gym and lifted crazy heavy weights, the muscle just built under the fat and I looked like a balloon.

Since doing ManAlive I am able to adjust, reset if I have a bad week or weeks, my strength and fitness has never been better and improving, now I am getting close to 14st which a while ago just wasn’t going to happen, I also have had a bulge in a disc in my back for over 6 years, hit by van when cycling, was told would need an operation but couldn’t afford the time off work. So a constant stream of pain killers to numb the 24×7 pain in the back which led to high blood pressure and tablets to bring that down. Since doing ManAlive, although I still get pain, but no more painkillers, and pain is manageable not 24×7, some days no pain or I don’t realise it is painful.

I’m currently at over 1 year of blood pressure well in the green zone with no pills and signed off officially from the docs!! Now thanks to the programme exercise is a way of life not to be made time for and my diet is nearly there…still work to do. Big up all of the ManAlive St Albans tribe all are inspirational and big up to the coaches for their tireless and sometimes patient work.”

Marcus Braithwaite – ManAlive St Albans 

14680655_1758182957767895_7576628273168920351_n ManAlive wieght loss for men 30+ Marcus