Jonathan – After 12 weeks my fitness levels have spiked massively

I started ManAlive Watford on a 12 Week Gut Buster plan in September. I initially weighed in at 107.4kg (16.91 stone) and my fitness level wasn’t great at all. The 1st week was by far the toughest and if I was alone, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it going. However, ManAlive is not just exercise in the morning, it’s a community of people all working towards the same goal, increase fitness and losing weight. So when you are hitting a wall, your fellow men around you spur you on, helping you realise you can smash through that wall and push yourself past what you think you can do.

The coaches are great too. They can work exercises around any long standing or smaller injuries/issues so you don’t do yourself more damage and are there to provide advice on fitness, exercise, nutrition and ways to resolve those aches and pains.

After 12 weeks my fitness levels have spiked massively. Greater endurance, strength, speed, stamina and core. I have also dropped down to 96.2kg (15.14 stone) totalling 11.2kg (1.76 stone) lost and it’s thanks to ManAliveexercise, Dietary advice and the other members pushing, helping, and spurring me on.

The photo with My before (Left Side) and after (Right Side) speaks the results for itself.

I am definitely continuing this!