Grant – I’ve often struggled to find a type of exercise that clicked for me

“I’ve often struggled to find a type of exercise that clicked for me. Of the many types I had tried, they were either too boring, too niche or the barrier to entry in terms of cost/equipment was too high. When I stumbled on to ManAlive, with its promise of a programme for someone just like me (over 30, time-poor and not a fan of gyms), I was hopeful that I’d finally found ‘it’ – exercise that was fun.

My ambition wasn’t necessarily weight loss, but rather to get fitter and stronger, and find a routine to better myself that could fit in and around the balance of work and home life.

2 and a half years on, I can happily say that ManAlive has met and exceeded my initial expectations. Like a knock-off Daft Punk act, I am healthier, faster, fitter, stronger.

In regards to physical health and fitness, it has helped me improve and grow in every way imaginable. That said, I reserve most of the praise for what it has done for my mental health. ManAlive has been a calming, constant positive influence, especially in a world gone mad over the last few years! It is a place where people from all walks of life can come together as equals with the simple goal to better themselves.

The MA community is incredibly supportive, with its members always looking to lift each other up. For what is, notionally, quite a “manly” pursuit (flipping tyres and carrying sandbags in all weathers) there is no toxic masculinity here! We work hard, have a laugh and feel the reward as a group.”