Dee – Diabetes reversed and 16kg lost

Some awesome news today chaps!!! So happy. ?. Last February a month before I joined Manalive I went for a blood test and was told I have type 2 diabetes. Blood test showed my blood HbA1c was 67. Super high. Both my parents have diabetes and I know how hard it is to live with this.

4 months after joining Manalive 16kg lighter I went for another blood test which showed I had gone back to borderline 40 something HbA1c.

Today I went in after a blood test only to find out I have fucking reversed it!! ???❤️. HbA1cc came back as blood sugar is at 36.

Man I am super duper happy and thankful for ALL of your support over the past 10 months. All that hard work and sweat has paid off.

Lets smash up 2020 lads!