Darren – 4 stone lost & happier in my own skin

“Christmas 2015, I was overweight and unfit. I have 4 kids (17,15, 7, & 5) and wanted to make a change to be fit, active and healthy for myself, them and my wife. We had just lost a family member to a stroke aged 44. With me being 42 it was a massive wake up call that it could happen to me. I saw ManAlive on Facebook and made the call…

I have been a yo-yo dieter for all my adult life and always struggled with my weight. I lost a good amount of weight 5 years ago using a “shake” diet, but this wasn’t sustainable and over the next few years put all the weight back out. In recent times work had taken over, life got in the way and I made excuses not to do anything about it.

Joining ManAlive was a step into the unknown, I didn’t know anyone, I was surely going to be the biggest and most unfit person there… why would I put myself through that.. because I wanted and needed to make a life change.

I would still be where I am if I hadn’t joined ManAlive. unfit, unhealthy, overweight and unhappy.

Results: The first thing people see is the weight loss, 4 stone since 4th Jan (my ManAlive start date), many cm’s loss in all areas. I’ve also become fitter, stronger and more determined. But, the most important is I’m happier in my own skin, more confident when in meetings at work, and at home my kids and see what I’m (and my wife) are doing with our change of diet. change in routine and the results. This is educating them to a healthier lifestyle.

Also, the coaches and the lads on the course are second to none, without them I would not be doing what I am today. The accountability and motivation given within the group is amazing.

On the 12th June I ran a half Marathon in 2:14:58, my first in 5 years and a PB by 13 minutes

Goals: I want to lose just under 2 more stone, Increase my health/fitness , run a marathon, do a Tough Mudder and enjoy life.

Advice: If you are thinking about doing ManAlive you are half why to making a life changing experience. Take on the program, be on point with your diet (70% is diet) and work hard at each and every session. There is no magic wand, the more you put in the more you get out.. Fill out the form, set yourself a 1, 3 and 6 month goals and see the difference it makes to your life and the loved ones around you.”