Brian – I had become lazy, unfit, overweight and just like most other dudes my age

“So there was me around October 2013 thinking to myself, ‘come on Brian, do something about yourself, go and join a gym and get back into shape.’ I had become lazy, unfit, overweight and just like most other dudes my age. 

After a couple of weeks putting the gym idea off I got a message via Facebook from this crazy dude called Craig O’Toole. He claimed he was the Mojo Man and offered me a place on this program called ManAlive, which is a fitness program for guys like me. So I contacted him and talked it through and decided to give it a go. My first session was the monthly man test. 

I weighed in at about 95kg managed about 15 push ups, a 1 minute plank and crashed out of the bleep test in no time. That didn’t matter to me, what was different was that there were other dudes there, all wanting the same thing, and all wanting me to succeed as much as themselves. 

I was hooked from day one. I’d met a great mentor and coaches who are passionate and really care about our progress and wellbeing, some great guys and felt part of something that felt special and cool. 

Within weeks I started to loose weight, I became fitter and stronger and made some fantastic friends along the way. I even managed to convince 15 of them to climb Tryfan in North Wales for fun! Within 6 months my weight had dropped to 65kg, I felt superb, smashed out the press ups and plank, and run 1k in just over 4 mins. 

This year (2015) I have continued to get back into my passion of mountain climbing and completed the 3 peak challenge to raise thousands of pounds for charity. I would never had been able to do this without ManAlive, the expert coaching and the camaraderie of the group… It has changed my life…. permanently. 

Thank you to Mr Mojo Man aka Craig O’Toole and his coaches Hat, Cam, Malin, Chris and Andy.”