Andrew – Not a regular ‘before and after weight loss’ story…

The truth is I’m probably about the same weight as I was when I first started back in 2015. At the time just going to the gym was becoming a bit mundane, so I was looking for a new training regime, something a bit more challenging, both mentally and physically. For me MA ticks all the boxes, getting up at 5.15am and training outdoors all year round, whatever the weather, with great coaches.

I’m totally committed to it (some would say obsessed with it) and the innovative programme allows me to push myself in the sessions as well as set my own personal challenges and targets. I enjoy the camaraderie and working individually, in pairs or in teams. There’s an underlying competitive element amongst some of us during the sessions which I relish, and it’s great to still be able to challenge some of the youngsters on the strength exercises (but definitely not running).

Now in my seventh decade I have the added challenge of fighting the natural muscle loss that comes with ageing. It’s very much a case of ‘use it or lose it’ and at the same time hopefully put some credits in the bank for later life. So it’s all about consistency and maintaining/building on what I’ve got. Long may it continue.