Nigel – 2 1/2 stone lost, back in slim fit shirts & fitter mentally & physically

“Its was my 40th year. My weight had been up to 16.5 stone and as low as 12.10. But its yo-yo’ed always with fad diets, shakes and crap.
I have 2 young kids that I wanted to set a great example for, a stunning wife who has always been healthy, yet my weight jumped all over the place. I wasn’t happy in suits for work and the ‘big guy’ look is not a look I want for me.
I wasn’t unfit, I didn’t mind exercise, specifically cycling having done London to Paris 5 times and the Geneva to Nice and other charity challenges. If I put my mind to it, I knew I could do anything. But getting my mind to food, exercise and everything all together has been a life long struggle.
I joined in October, I was not looking forward to the rain, mud and cold. But its outdoors, all the time.
9 months on, Im eating real food, exercising at least 3 days a week and have met a great bunch of guys and coaches at all levels, each with their own goals.
Since joining, I have a better relationship with food – which to be fair is where 80% of the effort comes in.
Results wise, I am near my goals. I started at over 15 1/2 Stone / 96kg. Im now down to 13 stone and have about 7lbs or so I would like to loose. Im a completely different shape. I started at 36″ trousers, and 44″ jacket. Im now 32″ & 41″ respectively and back into slim fit shirts. More importantly, I’m fitter, physically and mentally.
Before joining, I have never been able to run – citing my Asthma as barrier. Since joining, I have taken 2 mins off my 1k man test run, but importantly smashed my personal goals of being able to do a 5k run, I not only did that but I did a Tough Mudder (One true grit 10k) and the London 10k in a great time. Going forward, I have entered a duathlon to combine my cycling and running and entered the ballot for the 2017 London Marathon. No longer am I on the sofa wishing I could do it, Im doing it.
What I like is they are not quick fix, this has happened slowly over time whilst exercising, having fun, pushing myself and being pushed, educating myself on whats right and wrong. Whilst it all sounds like common sense, there is nothing better to hammer it home that 30 guys and some great coaches reminding you each morning. I thoroughly enjoy it and believe its changed my outlook on life right now for the better.”

Nigel Walsh – Radlett Location

Nigel After 2 1/2 Stone Lost, Back in Slim Fit Shirts & Fitter Mentally & Physically