Online 4 Week Kick Start

Free Online 4 Week Kick Start

A complete free 4 week home training programme designed to help you kick start your health and fitness without the gym.

  • Unique but simple home training programme designed to burn fat, build muscle and boost fitness
  • Simple but highly effective nutrition to help you lose weight and overhaul your health without the fads or silly diets
  • Support, motivation and guidance from expert coaches every step of the way
  • 100% online so you can do it anywhere and anytime

Who Is The ManAlive 4 Week Kick Start For?

It’s for guys 30+ who are fed up of feeling unfit, unhealthy and overweight. It’s for guys who keep their top on in the summer. It’s for guys who are embarrassed to run around with their kids because they get out of breath easily. It’s for normal busy guys who need a complete programme to help them lose weight, get fit and look great without having to join a gym.

What Does The 4 Week Kick Start Programme Include?

3 scientifically structured home training sessions per week designed to burn fat whilst building strength and fitness.

Structured education and coaching on nutrition to help you maximise your health and weight loss results.

Before and after testing to show you exactly how well you’ve done.

Highly educated and motivated coaches ready to support and guide you on how to achieve your goals.

The camaraderie, support, motivation and fun of training as part of a results driven online community.

The ability to train anywhere, anytime to suit your schedule without the need for expensive equipment or gym membership

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum level of fitness needed to join?
No. The programme is designed in such a way that you can work at your own level and progress as your strength and fitness improves.

Is there a maximum age limit?
No. We have no upper age limit. Most of our guys are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a few in their 60’s. We generally don’t accept guys younger than 30 but will view each application on it’s merits.

If I have an injury/illness can I join?
It depends on many factors such as when the original injury/illness was, what happened and how you recovered (or not). You may need to consult your doctor before starting.

I hate ‘diets’ is this a diet club?
No. We’re not a slimming club. We are a results based programme that uses training and nutrition as our tools to get you fitter, stronger, leaner and happier. Our nutrition programme is designed for busy guys wanting to get back in shape. Simple nutrition based on the latest research.

What do the training sessions entail?
Every training session is different to help you stay motivated and engaged, however most sessions follow a similar proven format. We start by increasing your core body temperate before working on your mobility, improving those stiff achy areas and getting you ready for the session. We then move onto the strength portion of the session where we focus on getting you as strong and resilient as possible. Next up is the conditioning phase where the emphasis is working hard and then taking short rest breaks, to increase your heart rate and metabolism over the next 24hrs maximising calorie and fat burn. We then finish with a good stretch.

I have a hectic schedule do I need to do the sessions at certain times?
No. The sessions can be completed when suits you.

I hate the gym, is this more fun?
Yes. We know the gym can be dull and monotonous so we do everything possible to make your experience an enjoyable one.

What equipment will I need?
We like to keep it simple. You could do a lot of the programme just with body weight, but if you wish to progress you’ll probably want to invest in a training sandbag and a kettlebell. We advise exactly what to get and where to get it from.