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Local Guys Who've Transformed Their Fitness, Weight & Confidence

Diabetes reversed and 16kg lost

Some awesome news today chaps! So happy!

Last February a month before I joined ManAlive I went for a blood test and was told I have type 2 diabetes. Blood test showed my blood HbA1c was 67 - Super High. Both my parents have diabetes and I know how hard it is to live with this.

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4 months after joining ManAlive 16kg lighter I went for another blood test which showed I had gone back to 40 HbA1c.

Today I went in after a blood test only to find out I have reversed it. HbA1cc came back at 36!

Man I am super duper happy and thankful for ALL of your support over the past 10 months. All that hard work and sweat has paid off.


Dee, 41Harrow, Photographer

Robin - Is it life-changing? You bet!

I joined ManAlive in October 2015. Since then, I've attended over 700 sessions. Is it life-changing? You bet!

Before joining ManAlive, I lived in the USA, in NY. I did attend an outdoor boot camp similar to MA, so I thought the transition would suit me.

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It did. However, the main difference is the holistic approach of ManAlive. Previously I thought working out was enough. From the photo, you can see it wasn't!

The tailored training, the nutritional advice, and the camaraderie of the group help keep me focused on my goals of maintaining strength and stamina and being beach body lean. (Well, as best as).

I try to attend a minimum of three times a week, often four, as there is something special about getting up early on a freezing winter's morning and joining other like-minded lunatics in working out.

We laugh, cry and occasionally drink together.

Robin, 68St Albans, Company Director

I could also clearly see that my weight was increasing, and I just knew I had to do something

My journey with ManAlive started in early 2017. At the time I was suffering from constant heartburn and reflux which meant I had to avoid certain foods, had to sleep sitting up and took Gaviscon like sweets. It was just miserable. I could also clearly see that my weight was increasing, and I just knew I had to do something.

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I'm not from the Watford area originally so I didn't know anyone at ManAlive but after reading the testimonials online I decided to give it a shot. My first day was interesting to say the least, not having done any real exercise for the best part of 20 years really showed. After a couple of weeks, I began to question whether I was able to keep up.

I'm glad I stuck with it. The encouragement from the coaches and the other blokes who were in the same boat as me, or had recently been in that position, played a big part. At no point have I been made to feel like I've failed in each area, but rather gives me the focus to try again.

For me personally it's about the comradery, which you don't get from a gym or working out alone. It's about having a laugh with like-minded people and at the same time pushing yourself to be a better you. There are no posers.

Ryan, 40Watford, Graphic Designer

Meet Your ManAlive Team

Cam O'Connor

Senior coach

Cam is Head Coach at our Watford location and our most senior coach overall. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from both fitness and high level Rugby.

Frankie Henley


With a strong background in health and injury prevention Frankie brings a different angle to keep members healthy and injury free long term.

Craig O'Toole

Owner & Coach

With 18 years experience in the industry and 10 leading ManAlive, Craig knows exactly what does and doesn't work when getting guys into shape.

James Turnbull


With a playing background in high level Rugby and having coached some of the worlds top Tennis players James brings a wealth of performance knowledge to members.

Shane Nugent

performance nutritionist

From high level athletes to senior execs Shane has helped them all maximise their performance and results through nutrition.

Nadia Ismail


With a background in Sports Psychology and Corporate Coaching Nadia knows exactly how to unlock those barriers to achieving your health and fitness goals. 

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  • Special Membership Offer
    At the end of the week you'll be eligible for a very special offer on our 8 Week ACCELER8 programme.

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