Learn How Hundreds Of Guys 30+ Are Getting Fitter, Stronger & Leaner Without Stepping Foot In The Gym
ManAlive 4 Week Kick Start 
Our 4 Week Kick Start programme brings together the latest science from worlds of Training, Nutrition, Psychology & Coaching and gives you absolutely everything you need to improve your health, weight or fitness all in one place.

Our unique proven system has been tested on over 500 guys, so we feel we know exactly how to help busy 30+ guys balance work, home and health.
It Includes:
  • 3 scientifically structured training sessions per week designed to burn fat whilst building strength and fitness
  • Structured education and coaching on nutrition, supplements, recovery, motivation, stress management, sleep and lifestyle
  • Comprehensive health and fitness testing before and after to measure your baseline and show you your progress
  • Full meal plans and recipe book full of healthy and delicious food designed to help you trim down without starving yourself 
  • 24/7 on-line support and coaching via our private members platform so that you can ask all your questions and stay motivated
  • Highly educated and motivated coaches ready to support and guide you on how to achieve your goals
  • The camaraderie, support, motivation and fun of training as part of a results driven team
  • Your choice of early morning or evening training sessions to suit your schedule
What Our Members Say...

"Its been a great ride! Started at 175 kilos Oct 2013, ended on 122 kilos Mar 2017. I was down to 112 in Aug 2016 but it didn't suit me. So a total body fat loss of 53 kilos ain't too shabby.

Over the 3.5 years I have worn out 3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of trails, 3 hoodies and 4 pairs of trousers. The trousers usually ripped in two in the crotch area :-)

So guys, set your goals and keep going. Just keep going B-) 

Thanks again!" 

Aki Riihimaki - Radlett Location 

"I joined Manalive in March 2016 at almost 98kg. I was out of shape, demotivated by it and conscious of a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family. I decided to take some action.

Over the last 6 months I’ve received excellent guidance around nutrition and the three sessions per week with Manalive have completely changed my life. It must be said that turning up to the training sessions is only part of the commitment. I’ve had to work very hard to be disciplined to lose the weight by controlling my diet, but with the support of all the lads we train with it’s been much easier than my previous attempts to lose the weight – and the getting fit part has been really fun!

I’m now at 81kg having lost 17kg and look forward to losing the last 4 or 5 and improving my strength with the rest of the Manalive crew. Thanks Cam and Craig and team!" 

Paul Immergluck - Watford Location 

"I joined ManAlive because I was embarrassed about my belly and wouldn't take my T-shirt off in public. I kept on making plans to do something to sort it out, but nothing ever lasted when I tried by myself.
From day 1 I loved the camaraderie of MA, and it's that which made me return every session rain or shine. As well as reaching my weight, fitness and appearance goals, I increased my social circle ten-fold. I've been on numerous canoe and mountain climbing weekends, curry nights, BBQ's and many other events
ManAlive is now an integral part of my life and allows me to live my life how I want without worrying about moons and a muffin top"

Rob Moore - Radlett Location 

"Not sure I can express how much this programme has changed me. As you can see from the before and after photos physically there's a 3 stone difference and also a massive fitness gain. But it's not only the weight that changes.
I was almost 50 and about to settle for the middle age spread and a life on the sofa. All my time had been spent with work, kids and family - life had taken over. ManAlive changed all that and got me going again.

I've met new mates, been on canoeing weekend, shooting days, social events and run the London to Cardiff 24 hour race twice! All of this was done with a bunch of lads who all wanted the same result and I can't tell you how much easier it makes it. So sign up and get moving again." 

Steve Gontier - Radlett Location 
Locations & Training Times
All our locations have secure parking, changing and shower facilities
ManAlive Radlett
Tabard Rugby Club

AM Programme:
Mon, Wed & Fri 06:00

PM Programme 
Mon, Wed & Fri 19:30
ManAlive Watford
Fullerians Rugby Club

AM Programme:
Mon, Wed & Fri 06:00

PM Programme 
Mon, Wed & Fri 19:30
ManAlive St Albans
OV's Rugby Club

AM Programme:
Mon, Wed & Fri 06:00

PM Programme 
Mon, Wed & Fri 19:30
 Who is ManAlive For?
ManAlive is for any guy 30+ wanting to improve their health and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve strength, reclaim your health or just make some like-minded friends we can help. Below are the most common reasons guys give us for joining the programme. Maybe one of these is you right now?
  • You’re currently training but are frustrated and disappointed by your results
  • You used to be in good shape but work or family have taken over, and now it’s hard to get motivated to exercise and eat well
  • You feel overweight, unhealthy and unfit, and are ready for a lifestyle change
  • Your health, fitness and weight are OK but you want to push your training, strength and fitness up a level
Even if none of the above are exactly where you currently are we have the knowledge, experience and passion to help you achieve your goals
Is there a minimum level of fitness needed to join?
No. The programme is designed in such a way that you can work at your own level and progress as your strength and fitness improves. We've previously worked with guys who struggled to walk a few lengths of the pitch.

Is there a maximum age limit?
No. We have no upper age limit. Most of our guys are in their 30's, 40's and 50's with a few in their 60's. We generally don't accept guys younger than 30 but will view each application on it's merits.

If I have an injury/illness can I join?
It depends on many factors such as when the original injury/illness was, what happened and how you recovered (or not). We'll discuss it with you when you apply and if necessary contact your doctor or physio therapist (with your permission) for a professional opinion.

Can I change and shower after the sessions?
Yes. There are shower and change facilities before and after all sessions at all our locations so you can come straight from or go straight to, work.

I hate 'diets' is this a diet club?
No. We're not a slimming club. We are a results based programme that uses training and nutrition as our tools to get you fitter, stronger, leaner and happier. Our nutrition programme is designed for busy guys wanting to get back in shape. Simple nutrition based on the latest research.

What do the training sessions entail? 
Every training session is different to help you stay motivated and engaged, however most sessions follow a similar proven format. We start by increasing your core body temperate before working on your mobility, improving those stiff achy areas and getting you ready for the session. We then move onto the strength portion of the session where we focus on getting you as strong and resilient as possible. Next up is the conditioning phase where the emphasis is working hard and then taking short rest breaks, to increase your heart rate and metabolism over the next 24hrs maximising calorie and fat burn. We then finish with a good stretch. We ensure there is a good mix of individual, pairs and team work to cater for all preferences as well as giving you targets at every single session. 

How many guys are at each session?
This varies based on the location and the time of year but in general there is an average of 15-20 guys at each training session. 

I have a hectic schedule can I swap between AM & PM programmes if needed?
Yes. You can swap between our AM & PM programmes to suit your schedule. You can even use one of our other locations as part of your memberships if you wish.

I hate the gym, is this more fun?
Yes. We know the gym can be dull and monotonous so we do everything possible to make your experience an enjoyable one. From interactive and competitive training sessions, to planed and organised events, to regular socials  and much more.

Is this a Rugby programme?
No. We simply base ourselves at Rugby clubs as they afford us excellent year-round training and changing facilities as well as storage for the vast amount of kit and equipment we use. No previous rugby (or any other sports) experience is necessary 
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