ManAlive Fitness Ltd COVID-19 Operations Policy

ManAlive Fitness Ltd COVID-19 Operations Policy

Our goal is to continue to support the health and well-being of our members and coaches whilst operating in the safest possible way for all involved.

The following assessments, actions and procedures are in place to ensure the health and safety of all members and coaches.

Please be aware this is a living document and may be updated at any time in response to new guidance and recommendations based on the latest science.

Based on the guidance and information we have collated combined with our own risk assessment and safety plans we have produced the following simple steps we will take (and ask members to take) to minimise the risk of COVID-19.

These are split into two basic areas of Social Distancing and Hygiene.


 Social Distancing


Zero physical contact

All members and coaches must refrain from all physical contact at training sessions. This includes but is not limited to partner warm up drills, stretches, handshaking/high fives, coaching corrections etc.


All members and coaches to be 2m apart at all times

All members and coaches must remain 2m apart at all times. Coaches will ensure the workout areas and equipment are properly spaced. Coaches and members should pay special attention to ‘unstructured’ parts of the sessions such as warm up/cool down and times where members are collecting/selecting kit. Also please consider travel to and from sessions in this regard.


Do not attend if anyone in household has symptoms 

All members and coaches who have symptoms in their household must refrain from attending sessions for 14 days. Primary symptoms are a temperature and/or persistent cough. N0 exceptions.


No sharing of equipment

All members and coaches must where at all possible avoid sharing equipment. Members should, where at all possible select the kit they wish to use and use that exclusively during the session.


Individual workouts using bodyweight, kettlebell or sandbag

To minimise the chance of cross contamination and to ensure proper social distancing workouts will be limited to minimal use of kit and will be individual workouts only.


No changing room or shower access 

The changing rooms and clubhouse will be off limits to all but coaches. Toilets will remain available for those who wish to use them whilst abiding by appropriate social distancing.




Pre-session temperature checks

All members and coaches must undergo a pre-sessions temperature check. Anyone with a temperature must leave immediately without coming into contact with anyone else and self-isolate for 7 days.


Wash hands before and after all sessions

All members and coaches must either use the provided alcohol rub or wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20s before and after all sessions.


Do not touch face or other people’s personal belongings 

All members and coaches must refrain from touching their face or other people’s personal belongings whilst at sessions, this includes but is not limited to water bottles, keys, bags, clothes etc.


Gloves must be cleaned every session

Gloves may be worn but must be sanitised with alcohol rub before and after every session and washed in between sessions.


Sanitise sandbags and kettlebells before and after every session 

Coaches will sanitise sandbags and kettlebells before and after all sessions using appropriate antimicrobial sprays and wipes.


Contact Us


Should you have any questions about our response please contact our COVID-19 lead Craig O’Toole [email protected]




Our preparations meet the standards set out by UKactive to state we are ‘UKactive Covid-19 Response Approved’.

Please also find our Staying Covid Secure in 2020 certificate by Clicking Here




Our operations policy has been put together using guidance and information from:

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